di|lute «duh LOOT, dy-», verb, -lut|ed, -lut|ing, adjective.
1. to make weaker or thinner by adding water or some other liquid: »

Mother diluted the concentrated orange juice with several cups of water. When the vaccine is diluted to one part in four, it still prevents paralysis in every case (Scientific American).

2. Figurative. to take away the strength or force of; weaken; lessen: »

The judge diluted the boy's punishment because he was so young. The high price of a new car diluted our enthusiasm for buying one.

SYNONYM(S): reduce.
3. British. to lower the proportion of skilled workers in (a labor force) by hiring unskilled workers.
to become diluted: »

The harsh colors diluted in the strong sunlight.

weakened or thinned by the adding of water or some other liquid: »

a dilute acid. A dilute solution is one which contains a relatively small amount of a dissolved substance per unit volume of solution (Parks and Steinbach).

[< Latin dīlutus, past participle of dīluere < dis- apart + luere wash]
di|lute´ness, noun.
di|lut´er, noun.

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